Invoice (Faktura)
We are proud to offer Klarna payment to our customers.

Klarna is one of the most common payment methods for online shops in Scandinavia, and you can always feel safe when shopping through Klarna. You'll never have to enter your credit card number, and you can pay once you have received your products.

- Receive your order before you pay
- You always have a minimum of 14 days until your payment is due after you receive your invoice
- No need to enter your credit card information
- 14 days return policy
- Download your invoices from klarna.se
- Installment (delbetalning) available

Payment Conditions
The credit period (kredittiden) is always a minimum of 14 days from date of invoice. In some cases, you can be offered 30 days credit period from date of invoice. Your invoice will be emailed and mailed to you after you receive your products. We charge 99 SEK in service fees when you order through Klarna.

Klarna will apply a reminder charge of 60 SEK if your payment is late. Interest (dröjsmålsränta) as well as a reference rate (referensränta) will also be applied. If payment is still late after that, Klarna will send your invoice to collection (inkasso) where additional charges can be applied.

Credit Check
When you choose Klarna payment, we will run a credit check (kreditprövning). In some cases we will have to also run a credit report (kreditupplysning). You will get a copy of that in your mail.

Invoice to Flexible Installment
When you have received your invoice, you may be offered to pay smaller amounts as an installment (delbetalning) instead of the full amount at once. This means you can pay off your invoice at your own pace, with a minimum of 50 SEK per month. The effective interest rate (effektiv ränta) for a 10 000 SEK purchase, is 29 SEK in service fees and 19,90% in floating rate (rörlig ränta), which comes down to 955 SEK per month. Your total cost would then be 11 458 SEK.

To convert your invoice to flexible installment, please see the terms and conditions (Swedish).

Privacy Policy

Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable legislation. Klarna handles personal data primarily for purposes of identification, customer analysis, credit control, marketing and business development, including transfer to specifically selected partners or to non-EU/EEA countries. Personal identification number (personnummer) is used as customer number for customer management purposes. See Klarna's data protection policy (Swedish) for a more detailed description of how Klarna handles personal data.

We reserve the right to deny payment through Klarna if the invoice request for your personal identification number (personnummer) is not approved by Klarna. In these rare cases, we will contact you right away with an alternative payment solution, which normally is an up-front payment.