• We deliver most of our orders from Mima’s distribution center in Holland.
  • We offer free shipping for all orders above 5,000 SEK (excluding Norway)
  • For all Norwegian orders a fee for customs (tull) of 600 SEK will be added, as well as a shipping fee of 520 SEK.
  • Orders below 5,000 SEK, customers will pay for shipping.
• Sweden: 300 SEK/parcel
• Norway: 600 sek + 300 SEK/parcel
• Finland: 300 SEK/parcel
• Denmark: 300 SEK/parcel

After you place an order with us, we will process your order and check availability at our distribution center to make sure we can deliver on your desired delivery date. Once the payment has gone through (usually 1-2 business days), or Klarna payment has been approved, we will place your order with our distribution center. We always do our best to deliver on your desired delivery date, and we will always contact you if we foresee any issues regarding this.