• Can I fold the stroller with the seat/carrycot attached?

    xari can be folded when the seat is in the upright position and facing forwards. never fold the pushchair if in carrycot mode or if the seat is facing the parent.

  • How do I clean my moon chair?

    When the chair is dirty after use, a quick wipe down with a baby wipe will get rid of any trace of mess! If grease, chocolate or ketchup is spilled on the seat, it’s best to try and remove it all before it dries. To remove such stains, the best thing to do is to wipe the area with a cloth which has been soaked in a mixture of lukewarm water and a pH neutral soap.

  • How do I clean the carrycot?

    To wash the carrycot, first remove the bottom board (but remember to put it back correctly afterwards!) Submerge the carrycot into a bath full of previously prepared lukewarm water and pH neutral soap and wash by hand. While soaking, run a small bristled brush (for example a nail brush) across the surface. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry, preferably on a grille surface so that the water can escape easily. The carrycot will be as good as new!

  • How do I clean the chassis?

    Enjoy taking your mima stroller to the beach with your family - but remember to clean off the sand and the salt residue afterwards so as to avoid consequential problems. Always remove excess dirt and clean with a damp cloth and a PH neutral cleaning agent before leaving the chassis to dry.

    Periodically lubricate the wheels, hinges and sliding parts using an oil or silicone based lubricant. Don’t use thick oil as it will attract dust and grit that could damage the moving parts.


  • How do I clean the seat?

    Baby wipes are ideal for cleaning the seat. If the stroller is dirty after use, a quick wipe down with a baby wipe with get rid of any trace of mess! If grease, chocolate or ketchup is spilled on the seat, it’s best to try and remove it all before it dries. To remove such stains, the best thing to do is to wipe the area with a cloth which has been soaked in a mixture of lukewarm water and a pH neutral soap.
    A pencil eraser can be used to eradicate more resistant marks.
    Small dents on the outer surface of the seat can be resolved by aiming hot air from a hair dryer to the affected area for 1 minute.

  • How do I maintain the textiles on my xari?

    The exterior of the cushions are made with 100% polyester. To keep them in pristine condition, simply stick to the following advice:
    The carrycot mattress, the seat cushion and the shoulder pads must be removed from the seat to be washed. We recommend that you hand wash them in lukewarm water (maximum 30ºc) with a pH neutral soap.
    If you prefer to use the washing machine, remember to remove the safety harnesses first to avoid damaging them. Always use a short cycle wash for delicate garments.
    Remember never to iron them.

  • What does "carrycot inside" mean?

    Our innovative system means that the carrycot is stored within the seat itself - you simply unzip the seat to remove the carrycot. This makes for minimal storage in your home during the majority of the time that you'll use your xari, as the carrycot will be folded together inside the seat once your baby has grown out of it.

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    We offer secure payment through Stripe and we accept Visa and Master Card.

  • Klarna Payment


    Invoice (Faktura)
    We are proud to offer Klarna payment to our customers.

    Klarna is one of the most common payment methods for online shops in Scandinavia, and you can always feel safe when shopping through Klarna. You'll never have to enter your credit card number, and you can pay once you have received your products.

    - Receive your order before you pay
    - You always have a minimum of 14 days until your payment is due after you receive your invoice
    - No need to enter your credit card information
    - 14 days return policy
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    - Installment (delbetalning) available

    Payment Conditions
    The credit period (kredittiden) is always a minimum of 14 days from date of invoice. In some cases, you can be offered 30 days credit period from date of invoice. Your invoice will be emailed and mailed to you after you receive your products. We charge 99 SEK in service fees when you order through Klarna.

    Klarna will apply a reminder charge of 60 SEK if your payment is late. Interest (dröjsmålsränta) as well as a reference rate (referensränta) will also be applied. If payment is still late after that, Klarna will send your invoice to collection (inkasso) where additional charges can be applied.

    Credit Check
    When you choose Klarna payment, we will run a credit check (kreditprövning). In some cases we will have to also run a credit report (kreditupplysning). You will get a copy of that in your mail.

    Invoice to Flexible Installment
    When you have received your invoice, you may be offered to pay smaller amounts as an installment (delbetalning) instead of the full amount at once. This means you can pay off your invoice at your own pace, with a minimum of 50 SEK per month. The effective interest rate (effektiv ränta) for a 10 000 SEK purchase, is 29 SEK in service fees and 19,90% in floating rate (rörlig ränta), which comes down to 955 SEK per month. Your total cost would then be 11 458 SEK.

    To convert your invoice to flexible installment, please see the terms and conditions (Swedish).

    Privacy Policy

    Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable legislation. Klarna handles personal data primarily for purposes of identification, customer analysis, credit control, marketing and business development, including transfer to specifically selected partners or to non-EU/EEA countries. Personal identification number (personnummer) is used as customer number for customer management purposes. See Klarna's data protection policy (Swedish) for a more detailed description of how Klarna handles personal data.

    We reserve the right to deny payment through Klarna if the invoice request for your personal identification number (personnummer) is not approved by Klarna. In these rare cases, we will contact you right away with an alternative payment solution, which normally is an up-front payment.


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    Your information and how it is used

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    Personal information provided by yourself will be used:

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    In the event of any data protection consent, we will delete the personal information immediately if you choose to revoke your consent. In other cases, we will delete personal information when it is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected for.


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  • Returns


    We always want happy customers! If you are unhappy with your product, we offer 30 days after you receive your products to return it. All products have to be returned in their original condition and in their original bags and boxes, as well as all protective packaging and labels. Please do not write or put any labels on the packaging.

    Customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

    Please follow these steps when returning a product to us:

    1. Always contact info@mimakids.se so we can send you a return sheet as well as a return ID number.
    2. Send your product with the return sheet inside the box to:

    Mima Scandinavia / InfoTech AB
    Hästskovägen 6
    556 26 Jönköping

    Defect Products & Complaints

    If something were to be defect with your product, please contact info@mimakids.se before you send it back to us. Mima Scandinavia complies with Konsumentsköpslagen for complaints, read further at www.konsumentverket.se.


    For any returns, we can only refund to the initial payment method. If you paid through Klarna, we will adjust the invoice for you. If you paid with debit- or credit card, we can only refund to the card the product was initially purchased with. Please allow up to 3 business days to process refunds after we receive the return. You will always get a confirmation email once we have received your return and processed your refund.

    In case of dispute

    We follow Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (www.arn.se).

  • Shipping
    • We deliver most of our orders from Mima’s distribution center in Holland.
    • If everything is in stock, shipping time is usually between 2-4 weeks.
    • We offer free shipping for all orders above 5,000 SEK.
    • Orders below 5,000 SEK, customers will pay shipping cost.

    After you place an order with us, we will process your order and check availability at our distribution center to make sure we can deliver on your desired delivery date. Once the payment has gone through (usually 1-2 business days), or Klarna payment has been approved, we will place your order with our distribution center. We always do our best to deliver on your desired delivery date, but please keep in mind the shipping time is usually at least 2-4 weeks as it is sent from our distribution center in Holland. If something on your order is out of stock, we will let you know when the estimated shipping date is.

    Please note: The delivery date we provide you with is always an estimate, and not a guaranteed date. It depends on stock availability and may be affected by late shipments to our warehouse. We do, however, always strive to deliver as close to your desired delivery date as possible!